Prof. Dr. Frank Gabler / Professor for Mediatechnology, h_da


Dr. Frank Gabler has been appointed professor of media technology at the Media Department at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt since 2011. He originally studied physics at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt and finalized his PhD as researcher at CERN in geneva in ultra-relativisic high-energy physics. During his work as researcher he focused on parallel visual computing and realtime environments. He worked for several leading companies as software architect and technology consultant and run his own successful company till 2011 with specialization in camera technology and visual computing. Since end 90-ties he also worked as director of photography and technical director for cinema and TV. He is member of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft and was leader of the Motion Pictures department at Hochschule Darmstadt till 2015. Together with Prof. Tilmann Kohlhaase he currently plans and installs the new program „Expanded Realities“ at the Hochschule Darmstadt – a program wich focuses on virtual, augmented and mixed realites. His research and development activities include the areas of media in cultural heritage and education, transmedia, interaction- and game design, expanded and virtual realities, 360 ° video as well as light field camera technology.

Oliver Kibblewhite / Head of Special Projects, REWIND

Oliver Kibblewhite is Head of Special Projects at REWIND. Oliver leads on innovative and RWD_Headshots_Olivertechnical solutions allowing REWIND to deliver ground-breaking and challenging productions. With a deep-rooted background in complex IT, Oliver applies his in-depth knowledge of bleeding-edge technology and science to bespoke technical setups and solutions.

REWIND fuses bleeding-edge technology with award-winning creative storytelling. By delivering immersive experiences for the world’s largest studios, agencies and brands, REWIND leads the way in innovative content creation. The team combines its deep-rooted heritage in VFX and CGI production with an industry-defining approach to VR, AR, MR and experiential marketing. REWIND works closely as an approved developer with Oculus, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Google, FOVE and Microsoft Hololens.

Andreas Garbe / Editor & Videogame Journalist, ZDF


Andreas Garbe has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. Also, as a German television journalist, he specialised in computer and videogames almost eighteen years ago. He works for the flagship news magazine heute-journal on public sector network ZDF, is a member of various jurys and hosts panel discussions on games on a regular basis. His favourite titles include Half-Life, Shenmue, Eternal Darkness, Wing Commander, Space Quest, The Legend of Zelda and WipeOut.

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Andreas Garbe spielt seit er denken kann. Seit über achtzehn Jahren ist der Fernsehjournalist auch beruflich auf Computer- und Videospiele spezialisiert. Inzwischen ist er Redakteur im heute-journal, berichtet aber auch für weitere ZDF-Sendungen. Darüber hinaus moderiert er regelmäßig Preisverleihungen und Gesprächsrunden zu Computer- und Videospielen und ist Jurymitglied bei mehreren Branchenpreisen. Zu seinen Lieblingsspielen gehören Half-Life, Shenmue, Eternal Darkness, Wing Commander, Space Quest, The Legend of Zelda und WipeOut.